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there was nothing against promoting so...

I've made a new icon challenge, called vamp_challenge. It centers around the vampire chronicles and other vampire related art.
Please, please join. I have 0 memebers besides myself, so help me out here?

Please? haha. I hope to have 15 memebers by Friday.

again, vamp_challenge.


Horned One and Virgin Huntress


Hey guys, I need some help. I'm co-mod of the undead_friends community and we need an alucard. BAD. If any of you would be interested contact me on my lj or IM me on PrettyxDisgrace. <3 thanks (i know my name is diff. on the comm., but its still me)
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hi all!

i'm new to the community...and such. yes, quite a vampire fan i am, so much that it might be a bit depressing ^^

i created a different community just recently, and i kinda need some new members:


please join if it so pleases you.

thanks, and glad to be in the community.
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Well, Frar said I could post vamp!Blaise, so I'm posting vamp!Blaise

Title: Find us
Author: Ash
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Pansy/Draco, Draco/Blaise
Challenge: Vamp!Draco Challenge (Now closed)
Rating: M-15
Words: 1002
Category: Horror (duh)
Author's Notes: Started one day after school, finished at around 11:30 PM. Was written to 'Your Woman' on repeat for hours for some reason. I know the style is strange, but it seemed to fit.
Summary: Two words, echoing around Pansy's head, telling her to fall and follow.

Find Us

Ooh, this community is going to be fun...*rubs hands together*

And the background is stunning, Ali.
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