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Vampire Fetish
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Welcome to Vamphetamine, a community for fans of the mythical and fictional beings known as vampires.

Want to discuss the origins of the vampiric myth? Compare the movie Queen of the Damned to the book? Rave about Spike from Buffy? Complain about the ending of the Hellsing anime? Or just explain why Tom Cruise made a really, really annoying Lestat...

This is for you.


# Feel free to post any art or fiction, original or fandom-based, but please keep them behind an LJ-cut so as not to spam people's friends pages. Same for any particularly long rants ^_^

# If fiction is rated R or NC-17, please state this clearly and give warnings as to why.

# If any creative piece will contain spoilers for a particular series, movie or book, please state this in the summary. Not everyone has seen or read everything yet!

# Fiction is to be posted using the following format, please:

FANDOM: (if applicable)
WARNINGS: (if applicable)
STATUS: (one-shot or chapter number)

# You can link to either your fiction/art or someone else's, request an icon or fic based on a particular character, or set creative challenges for the comm as a whole. But be careful when linking to art - some people don't like direct linking. Check first.

# Respect the views of others. Lively discussion and constructive criticism is encouraged, unecessary wank and flaming is not.


Other than that, have fun. All queries/ideas/comments can be directed at the mod: fahye

Current background: Hellsing's Alucard, by the talented newtronica.